Fresh Start


Welcome to our new home.

Now that Oracle has killed off the SunSource site that this URL used to forward to we had to come up with a replacement.

The intent of this site is to serve as a new public landing page and for the open source grid engine community (whatever it might look like).

Things are still very much in flux and we don’t intend to “build” a community by forcing things or trying to hard, it looks like at this point we’ll use this domain and URL for some relatively simple things:

  • Website for news, links and resources
  • Hosting some “user-” and “developer-” mailing lists
  • Hosting a new wiki for community sourced information

… plus whatever else we can come up with.

More information about what is happening and who “we” are will be forthcoming in later posts.

3 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. Is there further development on grid engine.

    I have been using torque/maui over the past 8 months simply because there was a problem with 6.2.x and when I retreated back to 6.1.x I found that array jobs that used mpi in the array member failed.

    However I would love to go back to grid engine if it was available again (free).

    Any news?

  2. Dear guys,

    we installed a couple of years ago a department cluster using SGE for queuing. Now we bought a new server to expand our calculation resources and we wanted to install SGE on the new machine. THe sun product is now no more free available and the oracle one is free fo 90 days only. What could we do now? are there any other good opensource solutions available out there? I personally only used SGE and I´m not aware of any other product.

    Thank you very much in advance,


    • Filippo,

      Grid Engine is not going away, there is a lot more choice now and multiple teams of developers have committed to keeping the future of SGE …

      For commercial SGE other than Oracle I highly recommend Univa:

      For free and open source grid engine you have a few options:

      “Son of Grid Engine: –
      “Open Grid Scheduler” –

      And in related news, the folks behind Open Grid Scheduler have started a new company. OGS will still remain free but the company will be selling support and consulting services. They are announcing this week at the SuperComputing 2011 conference in Seattle and have a skeletal website up at


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