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What the heck is going on in the world of open-source/free Grid Engine?

We are not 100% sure yet as well! All we know now is that the long term viability of “free” and “open” grid engine just got a lot stronger now that Univa has hired key developers and made a public commitment to maintaining an open source version.

The group responsible for this site is listed in our “Steering Committee” page. No secret cabals, no hidden agendas – in fact you may recognize many of the committee members by name due to their long association with the SGE community. We self-assembled as a group to help “boostrap” and rebuild the open source community left behind when Oracle decided to change directions with Oracle Grid Engine.

Expect progress to be slow. There are significant legal issues involved and we need to be careful in handling SISSL-licensed materials vs. materials that might represent IP or copywritten material belonging to Oracle.

Obviously there are major questions regarding binaries, code, documentation, resources and other large issues. These also will take time to sort out — we have to build a community by consensus, not coercion. We expect significant more clarity in what will be happening after Univa executives return from meetings in germany with the new team members.

In general you can expect this site to be the public clearninghouse for information about open source grid engine and we hope to rebuild the vibrant mailing list community that was responsible for much of Grid Engine’s success in the past. As for what else may be in store, who knows?

And finally before ending this post I need to acknowledge my employer, BioTeam for shouldering the actual financial cost involved in bootstrapping this site. BioTeam is paying for the cloud hosting costs, the SSL certificate and the commercial wordpress template license we bought.

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