gridengine.org is intended to be the public face of the open source grid engine community. Think of us is taking on the mission left when Oracle shut down the gridengine.sunsource.net website during its planned transition of Oracle Grid Engine into a purely commercial software product.

We launched this site after the news that Univa had acquired several of the Grid Engine developers from Oracle and made a public commitment to keeping Grid Engine available in an open source and free-to-use form.

For a really great writeup on what happened with Univa as well as some details from the long history of Grid Engine, check out the article by Wolfgang Gentzsh titled “Grid Engine Finds Safe Harbor At Univa“.

Simply put:

    • Multiple Grid Engine forks exist today
    • Univa has done a lot to ensure a viable future for Grid Engine by hiring key developers and managers
    • Univa does not want to dictate or coerce a community into forming around it

… the purpose of this site is to promote and support the open source grid engine community in whatever direction or shape it grows into.

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