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Will there be a replacement soon for the popular users@gridengine.sunsource.net mailing list?

Yes! we have just put one online. The users- mailing list is one of the all time best places for Grid Engine advice, info and assistance. Help spread the word that we are back online.

What about web forums?

Probably not. Mostly due to the fact that the most active technical types on the old list strongly prefer email and inbox-focused communication rather than browser based method. We are going to focus on the mailing lists for now

How are all of the Grid Engine Forks related?

After the change in community direction at Oracle for Grid Engine several forks of the product appeared created by members of the community.  The most visible forks are:

Each fork is different but we are working together as a community with the gridengine.org site and user lists.

What is Univa doing with Grid Engine?

Univa is taking an Open Core approach to developing Univa Grid Engine.  The core of grid engine is available at GitHub.  Univa Grid Engine is a commercial version of Grid Engine that will be built from the open core with additional features added by Univa.  These additional features are built on top of the open core and do not work independently of the core.

Does Univa have Grid Engine developers?

Yes Univa hired several Grid Engine developers from the team in Germany including Fritz Ferstl who is one of the original founders of CODINE which became Grid Engine.


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