[gridengine users] Kerberos authentication with GE

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Feb 21 21:32:44 UTC 2011

Andreas Haupt <andreas.haupt at desy.de> writes:

> Well, GE actually does not support Kerberos authentication. It provides
> methods to fetch a ticket on job submission (get_token_cmd when running
> with AFS support) as well as providing tickets during job execution
> (set_token_cmd). Nevertheless, there is no authentication process during
> job submission.

Yes, I forgot to point that out when addressing what I thought the
problem was...

I guess it's relatively unimportant for typical cluster use, but if
anyone is inclined to work on it, it's probably best to plan on using
the Moonshot framework <http://project-moonshot.org/> whenever they
actually manage to release code, though it probably just means using
SASL/GSSPAI in the application as I understand it.  I assume they'll
make sure it can deal with Kerberos tickets sensibly.  I wonder if the
presence of the CSP stuff now helps with adding that sort of thing or
complicates it.

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