[gridengine users] [Grid Engine Steering] Fwd: Submitting source code advice

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Feb 23 14:28:02 UTC 2011

Fritz Ferstl <fferstl at univa.com> writes:

> I can see a few things to discuss here:
> - Information we need to provide to make it easily understandable what 
> the process is to contribute
> - Things we need to decide and act upon to complete this process (like 
> creating a contributor agreement)

Yes.  I think it would be useful for Univa to say something official
about it to reassure people that something is happening, and warn them
about doing work which they may not be able to contribute if they can't
get papers signed.  Maybe I, or someone else, can provide a home for
such things, though.

By the way, I assume that papers aren't needed for changes which are
insignificant copyright-wise, e.g. one-liners, and things which don't
have creative content like those that can only be done one way, or
typos.  The FSF legal advice is that <~15 lines is small enough not to
need (in their case) an assignment.  See
though the legal advice seems to have changed over the years.  It also
mentions giving credit when people haven't actually contributed
material, which should be done to help people feel wanted.

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