[gridengine users] "Packing" jobs on nodes

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Jun 2 17:01:10 UTC 2011

Reuti <reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de> writes:

> There is none. It's like outlined here:
> http://blogs.oracle.com/sgrell/entry/grid_engine_scheduler_hacks_least

Apologies for the confusion.  However, that doesn't deaql with
multi-level sorting on seqno and load.  In an inhomogeneous cluster,
you typically want to sort by seqno (node type) first.  At
least in that case, the second-level packing using slots for the load
doesn't work for us in the serial case either.  There's a
one-liner fix for the parallel case in the Univa repo, but I don't know
what's the problem in the serial case.

Excuse the typping -- I have a broken wrist

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