[gridengine users] "Packing" jobs on nodes

James Gladden gladden at chem.washington.edu
Thu Jun 2 20:58:03 UTC 2011


Our clusters are homogeneous, so we are trying to do a first-level sort 
on "load" where the load formula is simply "slots".  If it did this much 
correctly I could happily ignore it's second-level behavior.  Have you 
ever made this work as a first-level sort?

We have two clusters, one running 6.1u5 and the other running 6.2u2-1.  
The 6.2u2-1 system appears to sort by sequence number in defiance of my 
instructions to use "load" with a load formula of "slots".  I have not 
actually been able to deduce a coherent pattern of behavior for the 
6.1u5 system, but it is clearly not packing the jobs.

What is the "Univa repo" you refer to?


On 6/2/2011 10:01 AM, Dave Love wrote:
> Reuti<reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de>  writes:
>> There is none. It's like outlined here:
>> http://blogs.oracle.com/sgrell/entry/grid_engine_scheduler_hacks_least
> Apologies for the confusion.  However, that doesn't deaql with
> multi-level sorting on seqno and load.  In an inhomogeneous cluster,
> you typically want to sort by seqno (node type) first.  At
> least in that case, the second-level packing using slots for the load
> doesn't work for us in the serial case either.  There's a
> one-liner fix for the parallel case in the Univa repo, but I don't know
> what's the problem in the serial case.

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