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Maes, Richard rmaes at ciena.com
Tue Jun 7 00:37:38 UTC 2011

Just getting back into the grid engine community after missing all the
drama.  I saw that the forums have been replaced with mailing list.  I
have a couple questions about how to really use the mailing list because
I think I am missing something.  I saw that in the users archive there
were 6 months worth of archives.  I wanted to do a search on all of
those archive but I didn't see a way to do it.  I did see that there
were GZipped' text files.  


Is the expected user behavior to download those gzips and search them?
I am hoping that there is a better way, and I'm just missing it.  I am
wondering if I should probably have done a
site:gidengine.org/popermail/users/ via google, if that would have
accomplished what I needed.  Just thinking out loud here.


I also saw that the "what's going on" page indicated that web forums
probably wouldn't make an appearance again.  If I get a vote, I would
like to see web forums again.  Mostly for the history searching and it
makes the information more main stream which I think is why the previous
forums were so successful.  Just an opinion.  Anyone else like web


That said, if you need a volunteer to set something up, I will sign up.
I don't like making suggestions to other people that they do more work
especially when things are as tough as they are. If you need more help,
let me know.





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