[gridengine users] Web based forums

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Tue Jun 7 09:40:40 UTC 2011

Hi Rich,

The most active people on the list who provide the most support almost 
unanimously hate web forums and having to use a web browser to 
communicate so I don't think forums are in the future ...

We don't expect users to download and search .gzip files, my preferred 
method is to use excellent email list sites like http://markmail.org/ 
which have excellent archive and search features. Of course I don't 
think we are indexed in there just yet.

Longer term I'd expect you to find our list and archives showing up in 
google for general searches and at places like http://markmail.org/ for 
more specific stuff. I'm one of the people who does some of the 
housekeeping and infrastructure stuff and this has been on my to-do list 
forever. Places like markmail make it easy to import old list archives 
as well so we won't have any gaps in the record once we manage to get in.


Maes, Richard wrote:
> Just getting back into the grid engine community after missing all the
> drama. I saw that the forums have been replaced with mailing list. I
> have a couple questions about how to really use the mailing list because
> I think I am missing something. I saw that in the users archive there
> were 6 months worth of archives. I wanted to do a search on all of those
> archive but I didn’t see a way to do it. I did see that there were
> GZipped’ text files.
> Is the expected user behavior to download those gzips and search them? I
> am hoping that there is a better way, and I’m just missing it. I am
> wondering if I should probably have done a
> site:gidengine.org/popermail/users/ via google, if that would have
> accomplished what I needed. Just thinking out loud here.
> I also saw that the “what’s going on” page indicated that web forums
> probably wouldn’t make an appearance again. If I get a vote, I would
> like to see web forums again. Mostly for the history searching and it
> makes the information more main stream which I think is why the previous
> forums were so successful. Just an opinion. Anyone else like web forums?
> That said, if you need a volunteer to set something up, I will sign up.
> I don’t like making suggestions to other people that they do more work
> especially when things are as tough as they are. If you need more help,
> let me know.
> *Rich*
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