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Stuart Barkley stuartb at 4gh.net
Thu Jun 9 14:54:07 UTC 2011

On Mon, 6 Jun 2011 at 20:37 -0000, Maes, Richard wrote:

> I saw that in the users archive there were 6 months worth of
> archives.  I wanted to do a search on all of those archive but I
> didn’t see a way to do it.  I did see that there were GZipped’ text
> files. 
> Is the expected user behavior to download those gzips and search
> them?  I am hoping that there is a better way, and I’m just missing
> it.

For the record, I find the gzipped archives very valuable and dislike
mailing list archives which don't keep those (or something similar). I
can download the archives and import them into my preferred mail
client and then use all the power of my email client to grunge through
the history.

These also provide a good standard form to keep long term historic
information which can later be imported back into other tools.  (I
think) these are the preferred form for markmail, gmane and other
mailing list indexers to import historic data.


- Many of the archives have had "From" email addresses munged beyond
recovery into a non-standard format.  I need to filter the archives
through a small perl script to restore the files to syntactically

- markmail and other archivers take in this good format, but they
don't have obvious ways to export the information in the same format.

- I prefer to see numeric months instead of names in the filenames.

Stuart Barkley
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