[gridengine users] Node with negative value of a consumable

Javier Lopez Cacheiro jlopez at cesga.es
Tue Jun 14 12:14:47 UTC 2011

Hi William,

>>> Assuming this is for local scratch space on Linux one thing I've been
>>> considering is using almost the whole disk as swap and then mounting a
>>> suitably sized tmpfs on $TMPDIR in the prolog
>>> followed by a umount in the epilog.  Have to be careful to ensure it
>>> didn't cause real memory to be devoted to the VFS rather than
>>> processes though.
>> Taking your approach has made me think of an alternative where LVM could
>> be used in an easy way, creating a VG for scratch and configuring the
>> LVs on demand for each job using the size requested. At the end the LV
>> would be easily removed.
>> To reduce the delay during filesystem creation, probably xfs could be
>> used that is much faster to create.
>> It is interesting to explore these options using prolog/epilog, even if
>> the final solution for all purposes would probably be implemented inside
>> shepperd.
> Inside  shepherd? uggh.  One of the things I like about GE is that it
> follows the software tools philosophy pretty closely.
> It does relatively little but has hooks in almost all the right places
> to let you add needed functionality.  I suppose
> one advantage of shepherd or starter_method is that you could combine
> it with Linux namespaces  to make a very private
> directory.  When combined with tmpfs it might even auto free the space
> without an explicit umount.
I think about shepperd because all other system limits are also 
implemented there. The main problem is that setrlimit does not implement 
a proper resource to control disk usage, FSIZE is not very useful and GE 
just reflects that limit.

With a additional setrlimit to control total disk usage that could be 
pretty straight forward.

The idea of isolating the process using Linux namespaces could be also a 
plus in some circumstances especially when data privacy is important for 
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