[gridengine users] ignore hostname checking for submit hosts?

Vadim Gutnik gutnik at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 19:22:24 UTC 2011

Well, I can add all possible addresses, sure. But most don't have
hostnames associated with them, so I'm back
to where I started.
> This was on the list already in the past, but there is no wildcard. You would have to add each possible hostname and its address.

> `qstat` is working for you then right now already?

No. Same error.

$ qstat
error: commlib error: access denied (client IP resolved to host name
"". This is not identical to clients host name "")
error: unable to contact qmaster using port 6444 on host "foo.bar.com"

So, presumably, I'd have to either fix commlib to say every host and
IP combination matches, or just take out the relevant


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