[gridengine users] Changing execd mailer/xterm during auto install...

James Abbott j.abbott at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jun 17 08:10:52 UTC 2011


The exec hosts in our cluster have the execution daemon setup carried
out in the %post section of a kickstart installation by running:

./inst_sge -x -noremote -auto /opt/sge/cluster_template.conf

which works fine, apart from the local settings for the mailer and xterm
which need to be modified from the default. I can't find how to do this
documented anywhere. I've tried adding 'EXECD_MAILER_LOCAL' and
'XTERM_MAILER_LOCAL' to the template, but that is obviously wrong since
inst_sge chokes on them. I know I can run a qconf -Mconf after the
inst_sge, but that requires me to remember to create a conf file when
adding new nodes.

Is there an 'official' clean way to set these parameters at install


Dr. James Abbott
Bioinformatics Software Developer
Imperial College, London

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