[gridengine users] Node with negative value of a consumable

Javier Lopez Cacheiro jlopez at cesga.es
Fri Jun 24 07:16:20 UTC 2011

Hi Dave,

This looks very similar to the problem we encountered.

I will apply the patch and do some tests to see if it solves the 
problem. The main difficulty is that the situation of having a 
consumable < 0 is not appearing very often so it is will be difficult to 
verify if the patch works (I will try to prepare some test to reproduce 
the problem).

Thank you very much!

El 23/06/11 18:28, Dave Love escribió:
> I just realized that
> https://github.com/gridengine/gridengine/commit/05d5471239e9018e7d7b9239672761c6735fdc4a
> may be relevant to this.  I didn't understand the log message at the
> time and didn't fiugre it out as i meant to.
> if you want to try it, the change might apply to 6.2u5 source and it's
> in the tarbal derived from the github 8.0.0 at
> http://arc.liv.ac.uk/downloads/SGE/testing/
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