[gridengine users] A couple of questions...

Vic gridengine at beer.org.uk
Wed Jun 29 14:13:10 UTC 2011

> Thus, you can run as many Quartus jobs as you want, but when someone
> wants to run something else, it will go to the Pint queue, and suspend
> the Quartus jobs if it needs to.

OK, I think I've misunderstood something.

Users A and B submit runs to the Quart queue. The queue is, to all intents
and purposes, full.

User C could submit a different job preempting both, but user C is on
holiday today, so we can ignore him.

User A has to perform another run. He submits another batch of jobs to the
Quart queue.

Those jobs will be queued pending the completion of the previous ones, no?
That's the situation I'm trying to avoid.

> Or you could buy more compute nodes.

No, I couldn't. I'm just a contractor.

> Sure, we've the same issue here as well.  Not all jobs are "short," but
> we try.

Well, we have a slightly different situation in that jobs are only ever
short if they fail spectacularly; long jobs are the norm. And this sin't
something we can change.


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