[gridengine users] A couple of questions...

Vic gridengine at beer.org.uk
Wed Jun 29 15:08:04 UTC 2011

>>That's the situation I'm trying to avoid.
> You've run out of resources.  What do you expect?

What I need is to get a limited number of jobs into the running state *per
invocation*. This needs not to be ticket-dependent; for assorted other
reasons that's not going to work for us just yet. Additionally, that limit
needs to be somewhat lower than the queue capacity so that several runs
can be started simultaneously without queuing all their jobs.

Trying to change the parameters of the problem doesn't work - I can't just
tell them they need to buy more computers, and I can't just tell them they
need to change their expectations of when the jobs will run; either of
these approaches will just lead to the abandonment of the exercise.

...Which is where we came in...


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