[gridengine users] A couple of questions...

Fritz Ferstl fferstl at univa.com
Wed Jun 29 15:34:23 UTC 2011

You might also be able to use a JSV which parses the job information, 
identifies it as a Quartus job and adds specific settings, such as a 
project, which then will derive importance from one of the Grid Engine 



> On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 11:08:04AM -0400, Vic wrote:
>>>> That's the situation I'm trying to avoid.
>>> You've run out of resources.  What do you expect?
>> What I need is to get a limited number of jobs into the running state 
>> *per
>> invocation*. This needs not to be ticket-dependent; for assorted other
>> reasons that's not going to work for us just yet. Additionally, that 
>> limit
>> needs to be somewhat lower than the queue capacity so that several runs
>> can be started simultaneously without queuing all their jobs.
> Fundamentally, it seems there is a disconnect between a Quartus
> "invocation" and SGE.  Each invocation spawns multiple SGE jobs.  So far
> as SGE is concerned, these are all completely independent of each other.
> SGE doesn't care that they came from the same invocation.
> You additionally have a *business* requirement that they "start
> quickly", but I'm not sure that is possible to do using only SGE
> functionality, nor do I expect that Quartus has that ability either.
> How about creating a wrapper for qsub that will create a new Project *on
> the fly*, then create a new RQS (also on the fly) for that project, then
> submit the jobs using that new project?
> Or:  your wrapper could try to "count" the number of running jobs, and
> place SGE job dependencies on them internally to try to throttle the
> number that run at a given time.
> Unfortunately, an RQS can't apply to a job_name pattern, or that might
> be an option.
> Even if you "reserve" a few slots to "get new jobs 'started'," that will
> only last for so long, since you can fill those slots up as well.  Jobs
> will get queued.
>> Trying to change the parameters of the problem doesn't work - I can't 
>> just
>> tell them they need to buy more computers, and I can't just tell them 
>> they
>> need to change their expectations of when the jobs will run; either of
>> these approaches will just lead to the abandonment of the exercise.
> It may be that what they are asking is not directly possible, in
> which case you can propose reasonable alternatives.


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