[gridengine users] hedeby install howto?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Jun 29 21:40:03 UTC 2011

Allan Tran <tran.v.allan at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm trying to install hedeby to integrate sge62u5 and amazon cloud but can't
> seems to find any good step by step article. All the links seem to be broken
> since Oracle kills the open source GE.

Maybe Chris D will chime in with useful guidance.  However, as well as
doc at http://wikis.sun.com/display/gridengine62u5/Home (currently
down), you should be able to get everything that was on sunsource via
https://arc.liv.ac.uk/trac/SGE.  The source is available via darcs, hg,
and git, or directly under http://arc.liv.ac.uk/repos/darcs/hedeby/ &c
(which should work to display the original web pages).  Unlike the
actual gridengine source, it hasn't had any love since it was stashed.

> I found this
> http://wiki.gridengine.info/wiki/index.php/SGE-Hedeby-And-Amazon-EC2#Installing_the_Grid_Engine_Hedeby_Service_Adapter
> but
> stuck at step Setup SDM Master (sdmadm, etc, where is this sdmadm from? I
> know I'm missing a lot of packages but is there a single place I can
> download them all.
> What I have so far now is a fresh working SGE 62u5 installed with JVM
> enabled.

Presumably you need the source from the hedeby, hedeby-ge-adapter, and
hedeby-cloud-adapter repos as above.  I can't remember how difficult it
is to build.  There are instructions somewhere in the www directory of
the repo if I recall correctly.

Excuse the typping -- I have a broken wrist

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