[gridengine users] Definitions of "complex" and "queue"?

Reuti reuti at Staff.Uni-Marburg.DE
Wed May 11 16:10:36 UTC 2011

Am 10.05.2011 um 05:37 schrieb Stuart Barkley:

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>>> As a simplified user concept the use of the word 'queue' can
>>> convey a useful model and also be a method to apply differing
>>> defaults to a job ("Submit to the short job queue").
>> No. Specify resource requests in time, memory,... and SGE will
>> select an appropriate queue for you. Submitting to a queue is
>> Torque/PBS style.
> Actually, this is what I prefer (request what you really want), but
> I've been unable to eradicate the concept of distinct queues from our
> users.  The Internet is full of simplified user instructions to submit
> jobs with "-q queuename" (unfortunately they usually don't show the
> implementing SGE configurations).
> I dislike the fact that someone created "long", "medium" and "short"
> as SGE queues for our users and told them all they need to do is
> select the correct queue for their job.

They should specify the required time. Even short jobs can end up in a  
long queue if it's empty anyway.

>  I can't change the parameters
> of these without users getting unexpected behavior changes.

You could use a JSV to "translate" a queue request to a resource  

> I do want to have resources with different wall clock limits so that
> heavy compute users don't grab all of the available resources for
> several weeks.  I think this is/should be another FAQ with a few
> completely worked example configurations.

Many things can be achieved by just one queue, when you define  
different limits for the queue instances in the queue definition for  
different machines. All entries can be set for certain machines or  

> Do people actually have lots of queues?  Or would just 'interactive'
> and 'batch' work suitably as queues?

I prefer having as few queues as possible.

-- Reuti

> I've picked up a lot of good information in the past couple of weeks.
> Now I need to get some time to work with things and try some more
> experiments.
> Thanks,
> Stuart
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