[gridengine users] Definitions of "complex" and "queue"?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed May 11 21:25:13 UTC 2011

Fritz Ferstl <fferstl at univa.com> writes:

> Let me provide some background regarding the goofy usage of the term "queue" in
> Grid Engine. No, it is not an artifact of German engineers being involved
> (trust me, I was the first and the lead ever since).

The online manual confirms it anyhow.

> The history of Grid Engine
> started late 1992 when we negotiated a license with Florida state university to
> productize and commercially distribute a public domain SW called DQS
> (Distributed Queuing System).

For what it's worth, (non-PD) source for dqs can be found in some
obsolete archives of debian non-free.

> PS: The term "complex" was also introduced not by us Germans. I'm not sure
> anymore whether it is another DQS artifact or something coming from the POSIX
> queuing system standard. Anyhow, the meaning is that it's a complex of
> attributes which is to be defined.

It's not from posix.  If you can access IEEE stuff, see

Excuse the typping -- I have a broken wrist

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