[gridengine users] assign attributes to nodes?

LaoTsao laotsao at gmail.com
Wed May 18 20:46:58 UTC 2011

You can use qconf -sc 
To show all curent complex
You do qconf -mc to  modify/add  complex 

You use qconf -me host to change complex_value to host

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On May 18, 2011, at 4:35 PM, LaoTsao <laotsao at gmail.com> wrote:

> You will need to use complex then assign complex_value to execd host
> Use qsub -l <complex>. Or complex=value to request
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> On May 18, 2011, at 4:07 PM, John Young <John.E.Young at NASA.Gov> wrote:
>> Under Torque, one could assign arbitrary attributes to nodes
>> and then create queues that required those attributes.  Then
>> a user job that was submitted to that queue was guaranteed to
>> run on one of the nodes that had that attribute.
>> I am trying to do roughly the same thing with gridengine.  I
>> want to be able to have a user request a particular attribute
>> which will then mean that the job will be submitted to one of
>> the nodes that has that attribute set, but I am not finding a
>> good way to do that.
>> Any suggestions?  (I realize that gridengine, while using some
>> of the same terms as torque, does not always mean the same thing
>> by them, so perhaps there is a more 'gridengine-like' approach?)
>> JY
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