[gridengine users] AR "no suitable queues" issue

Chris Jewell chris.jewell at warwick.ac.uk
Mon May 23 22:26:35 UTC 2011

On 23 May 2011, at 09:15, Mark Dixon wrote:
> Can you attempt to submit an advanced reservation, adding similar flags to those you use to submit a job? (including anything in your $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/common/sge_request file)
> (I had a similar problem here. In the end, I realised it was because changed the "requestable" field for the h_rt complex to "FORCED", in order to make user supply a h_rt value. Because of this, I had to add "-l h_rt=<something>" to the qrsub command. Perhaps you have made a configuration change with a similar result?)

Yup, that got it!  Thanks, Mark!!


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