[gridengine users] FW: How to edit batch file of running job

Rayson Ho rayrayson at gmail.com
Mon May 30 05:18:41 UTC 2011

Hi Jeff,

Nice to see you on the list again!

I think in most cases, the script is mapped into memory, rather than
read by the interpreter a few bytes each time a statement executes, so
most likely changing the script has zero effect. But sometimes it can
cause the job to fail, it all depends on how it is submitted and how
the "shebangs" interpreter handles the script.


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>>> I have a question about job script file edition for running job now.
>>> If I want to edit batch file of running job in sge now, is there any method
>>> to do it?
>>You can change the job script but it is not going to affect the job
>>that was submitted to SGE, as SGE has its own copy in the spool
> ... Unless it was submitted with "-b y", where it doesn't make a copy.
> Once the job has actually started running, in most cases it can't be changed.
> If it's a compiled scripting language like perl, for example it's parsed at load time.
>  -Jeff
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