[gridengine users] error with qsub -sync y

Dobbie, Brad Brad.Dobbie at caviumnetworks.com
Wed Nov 2 16:02:54 UTC 2011

An update on this thread.

It looks like Univa has identified the issue and a fix for the error.

I noticed these comments in the Son Of Gridengine v8.0.0c Release Notes:
  * Increase default MAX_DYN_EC qmaster param [U]
  * Fix qsub -sync y error message and enforce MAX_DYN_EC correctly [U]

I've found some related commits in the github repo.
  * https://github.com/gridengine/gridengine/commit/b449607972614e4608272d8c0fc6f109d35fbecc
  * https://github.com/gridengine/gridengine/commit/a47c32f965111554ec076db1526a6ad62c5bdae5

Anyways, I think a solution might be to increase the MAX_DYN_EC parameter to 1000.  I'm going to give that a try in our cluster.

Brad Dobbie

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We occasionally get this in our site, and it is pretty catastrophic.  Most users have switched to qrsh to avoid the bug.  I agree that it happens in batches, for periods of 5-10 minutes.  More posts describing the problem are starting to show up on google, since I first ran into it about a year ago.

I tried adding the "-t 1" option to define a range_list, but that did not help.

Most recently, I tried stopping the qmaster and starting it again.  That seemed to fix the problem, but that's not a very good solution.  We probably wont see the issue again for months.  It seems network-load or nfs-load dependent, but I have no data to back up that claim.

Our cluster uses RHEL5.4 and SGE 6.2u5.


On Oct 8, 2011, at 1:25 PM, Daniel Povey wrote:

> I have been getting occasional errors when using qsub -sync y.  It prints out the error message:
> Unable to initialize environment because of error: range_list containes no elements
> Exiting.
> This is not reproducible, but seems to occur in batches.  This is with GE 6.2R5.
> Looking for this online gives little information that is useful-- it seems to be a bug in qsub.
> Is anyone familiar?  What is the best way to debug this?  I don't have root on the machines concerned.
> Dan
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