[gridengine users] Announcing Grid Engine 2011.11 and the Scalable Grid Engine Support Program

Rayson Ho rayson at scalablelogic.com
Wed Nov 9 16:22:33 UTC 2011

The Open Grid Scheduler Project is releasing a new release: Grid
Engine 2011.11. We are going back to the open source model that was
used by Sun Microsystems (2001 - 2009), together with optional
commercial support, and with partners (more on that in a later email,
and SC11 news too!) working together to improve Grid Engine.

Release notes: http://www.scalablelogic.com/home/ReleaseNotes.pdf

Source tarball and binary packages will be available early next week.

New features
* Berkeley DB Spooling Directory can now be placed on NFS (NFSv3 or
older, basically any modern network filesystems)

* Portable Hardware Locality Library (was under alpha/beta since April 2011)

* CUDA GPU load sensor

* User notification mails can be sent from a configurable user ID

* Job exit status available to epilog - via $SGE_JOBEXIT_STAT

* ARM Linux support - ARMv7.

* qmake upgraded to version 3.82 (same set of code changes for issue 2544)

* Support for Linux 3.0

* Perfstat library used on AIX, retiring ibm-loadsensor

* Support for newer AIX versions

* Tango qmon icons

* Code quality improvements - static code verifier used for testing

PQS API code cleaned up and we are releasing the PQS API Scheduler
Plugin Interface as technology preview.

- drop-in replacement for SGE 6.2u5, OGS 6.2u5p1, OGS 6.2u5p2

- We have tested compatibility and/or make sure that the following
open source projects that depend on (or integrate with) Sun Grid
Engine would also work with this release.

 * Rocks Cluster Distribution
 * StarCluster (cloud provisioning)
 * lltop from TACC for Lustre I/O accounting

In the future, we will have a more formal compability test procedure.

Support options
- *Optional* commercial support is available from Scalable Logic
- And I will contine to answer questions on the Grid Engine "users" list :-D


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