[gridengine users] SoGE 8 with windows professional execution hosts and cygwin

Philippe Dreuw philippe.dreuw at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 13 17:19:51 UTC 2011

Hi, I compiled and installed SoGE 8.0.0a under Ubuntu 11.04. Adding
further Linux execution hosts should be fine now, however I would like
to add a larger network of Windows XP Professional and Windows 7
Professional execution hosts running Cygwin (i.e. neither windows
Ultimate/Server versions nor SFU/SUA solutions and corresponding
tutorials from the web).

Two questions:
1) is there any gridengine compilation tutorial for windows? (e.g.
compile requirements - afaik it must be win xp with vc++7.0)
2) Is there any chance to run this configuration, e.g. compile
gridengine on a windows XP pro system with SFU, but use it mainly with
windows xp/7 pro execution hosts running cygwin?

Thanks for your help!

Philippe Dreuw

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