[gridengine users] Beware Univa FUD

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 23:43:02 UTC 2011

[I don't want to pick a fight or particularly argue -- this is just
another point of view and explanation.]

Ron Chen <ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com> writes:

> Dave,
> At the beginning of this year, I warned both you and Rayson (who was
> already the owner of the Open Grid Scheduler project - as I was busy
> with my personal commitments) to be aware of a company that never
> contributed anything to SGE and suddently poped up and wanted to be
> the owner of the open source Grid Engine project -

To be fair, the proposal I understood involved some sort of `governance'
body as Sun originally proposed but never constituted.  I didn't see
lack of previous contributions as a problem, but I was in the same boat,
acting because I thought someone had to.

For information, I'm afraid the warning appeared just to be attacks on
another commercial interest and then the warnee.

> While we are competitors fighting for open source Grid Engine "market 
> share",

Actually, I've no interest in open source "market share" or fighting
(unless attacked).

> 1) At the beginning of this year on the Grid Engine steering committee
> mailing list, I could feel the urgency from Univa that it really
> wanted to eliminate all the open source GE forks - I felt that their
> goal was to remove all versions of Grid Engine, including SoGE & OGS
> by asking us to merge with them,

For what it's worth, I assumed I'd maintain a home (if no-one else
would) for stuff Univa wouldn't include, such as otherwise-OK
contributions without legal papers and the other repos that seemed worth
preserving.  I thought it would be just a superset of common code/doc,
though, and I had no particular wish to maintain a distribution.

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