[gridengine users] [SGE-discuss] SGE 8.0.0x windows execution hosts with cygwin

Philippe Dreuw philippe.dreuw at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 17 21:24:10 UTC 2011

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 8:15 PM, Rayson Ho <rayson at scalablelogic.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 2:02 PM, Philippe Dreuw
> <philippe.dreuw at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks a lot! I could reproduce everything on my windows 7 64bit
>> machine with cygwin 1.7.9
> Oh, I'm on 32-bit Cygwin on Win 7.

cygwin itself is 32bit

> Can you go into the CYGWIN_X86 directory, run "file *.o", and see if
> gcc by default generates 32-bit or 64-bit objects??

They all return
80386 COFF executable not stripped - version 30821
authuser.o:                        empty
sge_sub_object_cpp.o:              empty
spooledit.o:                       empty

> If on 64-bit Cygwin gcc defaults to 64-bit objects, then we will need
> to adjust "TARGET_BITS" from TARGET_32BIT to TARGET_64BIT in
> scripts/compilearch for 64-bit Cygwin.
>> That's not clear to me, is that really necessary for a working system
>> o just to avoid the complains? "scripts/distinst -local -noexit
>> -allall cygwin-x86" seemed to work, except from the mentioned
>> complains.
> The install script checks in the directory for all the executables -
> if an executable is missing, then the install script will just simply
> exit.

is used the -noexit flag, so this should be OK I guess.

>> Furthermore, I tried to run the "inst_sge" script but the
>> "dist/util/arch_variables" file is not yet adapted in the svn trunk
>> version. I will try to update that script and see what happens ...
> Oops, I have the change locally but it was not checked into SVN - I
> didn't bother to install it again as the name resolution of my machine
> is still not fixed (may be it is easier to just fire up a Windows
> instance on EC2 than fixing it myself!), thus I didn't hit this error
> when I did the final pre check-in compile test.

That's what I added to the dist/util/arch_variables file:

   ECHO="/bin/echo -e"

> Lastly, let me know how it goes!

Below my current output with the patched dist/util/arch_variables file:

$ ./install_execd
missing program >qmake< in directory >./bin/cygwin-x86<
missing program >qmon< in directory >./bin/cygwin-x86<
missing program >qtcsh< in directory >./bin/cygwin-x86<
missing program >rlogin< in directory >./utilbin/cygwin-x86<
missing program >rsh< in directory >./utilbin/cygwin-x86<
missing program >rshd< in directory >./utilbin/cygwin-x86<

Missing Grid Engine binaries!

A complete installation needs the following binaries in >./bin/cygwin-x86<:

qacct           qlogin          qrsh            sge_shepherd
qalter          qmake           qselect         sge_coshepherd
qconf           qmod            qsh             sge_execd
qdel            qmon            qstat           sge_qmaster
qhold           qresub          qsub            qhost
qrls            qtcsh           sge_shadowd     qping

and the binaries in >./utilbin/cygwin-x86< should be:

adminrun       gethostbyaddr  loadcheck      rlogin         uidgid
authuser       checkprog      gethostbyname  now            rsh
infotext       checkuser      gethostname    openssl        rshd
filestat       getservbyname  qrsh_starter   testsuidroot

Installation failed. Exit.

Philippe Dreuw

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