[gridengine users] Courtesy binaries including Berkeley?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Nov 18 16:57:53 UTC 2011

"Smith, David [EESUS]" <DSmith03 at its.jnj.com> writes:

> Dave,
> Thanks very much for the reply.  I've looked at the binaries on both the
> SoGE website (up through 8c), as well as the files that used to be on
> the BioTeam website but have since been moved or removed.  The bin file
> from the BioTeam site dated March 25 had files in them named libdb-4*.
> I tried that one, and it did work as a drop in replacement for the
> version I'd been previously using, which I think was 6.2u5.  By drop in,
> I mean I can unzip them in place and let the new files overwrite the
> old.  The problem is that there's a bug in every version I've had that
> causes reservations for a complex I've created (for flex-grid) to be
> ignored.  That part may sound familiar.  I've got reason to believe that
> the bug may have been fixed in the July timeframe, so I'm looking for
> binaries that are dated post July.  They're out there, but in every case
> I've found, the libdb4* files are missing from the bin directory, and
> qmaster won't start with the ones from my current installation.  Chris
> Dagdigian thinks they might have changed something in a file that
> controls the build, but hasn't had time to confirm.  I don't feel
> confident in compiling myself at all, let alone trying to find the
> reason why these files are being excluded from the most recent builds.

I don't understand what's the problem with installing the packages, and
why they appear different to any others that typically need installing
from outside the Red Hat distribution.  If you don't trust the binaries,
it's as simple as

rpmbuild --rebuild gridengine-8.0.0b-1.src.rpm

and yum install'ing any missing packages, like db4-devel, it complains
about.  (The 8.0.0c version has a mistaken gcc flag which requires the
compiler from the RH5 gcc44 package.)  There's nothing fundamentally
different from the old EPEL packages except mine install in /opt/sge by
default and don't try to set up SGE.

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