[gridengine users] lock number of cores

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Nov 22 17:16:18 UTC 2011


Am 20.11.2011 um 09:46 schrieb mahbube rustaee:

> Am 19.11.2011 um 05:57 schrieb mahbube rustaee:
> > Some users wants to get cores less than all core of a host and lock other slots.
> > How can config GE to do that?
> > e.g. a user use 20 slots of a host with 48 core and lock other slots.
> >
> > In that case,
> > 1) Is accounting for all cores (used and locked)?
> > 2) If not, how can I account all slots for a user?
> >>do you mean complete nodes, or something like 2 out of 4 although it's only a serial job?
>  A job can be parallel. e.g. hosts have 12 cores and a job get 2 hosts with 6 cores per host. then 
> other cores be locked for any  other jobs.

you can define a complex of type BOOL with an EXCL relation (man complex) and attach it to each node. Then users can request this complex. As the complex is attached to all exechosts, this won't prevent any jobs from being scheduled to any node (unless you want to exclude some nodes from this feature), but it can only be used once per job per exechost. This way you can get up to the specified number of slots per exechost and block other jobs on this exechost.

NB: The complex can also be attached to a queue, which would then block other jobs from using the same queue on a particular exechost, but could still get slots on this exechost from another queue (in case you have more than one queue per exechost).

-- Reuti

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