[gridengine users] SGE (univa 8.0.1) - anyone running SGE with Centrify active directory integration?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Nov 22 20:32:59 UTC 2011

Hi Chris,

Am 22.11.2011 um 21:05 schrieb Chris Dagdigian:

> I'm hands-on with a shiny new cluster running Univa's 8.0.1 release and am having some issues running jobs as a non-root user via an account that lives in Active Directory.

isn't Univa offering "Full, Enterprise Class Support"? I thought this is one of the advantages over the community support for the open source version. So I would assume they have their own forum/list like Oracle does for their version:


-- Reuti

> The cluster is the standard sort of RHEL 5.7 based system but we are using Centrify and in particular the Centrify NIS-gateway-to-ActiveDirectory to service the cluster nodes without having to license centrify on all nodes in the cluster.
> The user errors I see are familiar ones:
> "can't get password entry for user "x". Either user does not exist or NIS error!"
> The confusing thing is that I can SSH into compute nodes as the same user and both password logins and passwordless SSH work perfectly. It's only when running under SGE that the jobs fail.
> If I had to guess I'd wonder first if SSHD was using Linux /etc/pam.d/ in a way that "works" while SGE is accessing PAM in some way that we have not configured properly yet. That's only a guess though.
> Does anyone have examples of SGE running via NIS authentication or via Centrify? Any examples of PAM configuration that were needed to get NIS users recognized under SGE?
> Thanks!
> -Chris
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