[gridengine users] Which Grid Engine?

Fritz Ferstl fferstl at univa.com
Thu Sep 8 10:24:55 UTC 2011

I certainly didn't say Grid Engine is buggy, at least not in comparison. 
But there are bugs, and tough ones on top. A lot has been fixed for u5 
and then 80 more for Univa Grid Engine 8.0.0. There are still bugs, of 
course, or performance restricting issues. An if you run a production 
environment on which your users depend then having not only a number to 
call but also the deep-level experts behind that number does not sound 
like such a bad idea, if you ask me.

You also may forgive me if I point out that the relative stability you 
are experiencing is because of a certain group of people who stood 
behind the product for all those years. So ...



Am 08.09.11 11:54, schrieb William Hay:
> We're currently running 6.2u3 on our cluster.  We should really
> upgrade this to something more current.  In particular we want to move
> to something with
> support for the -tc and -binding options to qsub.  While in theory we
> could just grab 6.2u5 which has the features that we need right now
> we'd like
> to move to a version with forward momentum.  The question is which version?
> We had Fritz Ferstl in yesterday to explain Univa's  commercial
> offering and what they offer over and
> above the common core.  Fritz also explained that contrary to our
> experience Grid engine is really
> buggy, unstable and hard to debug so we really need a support contract
> with them:)
> Does anyone want to sing the praises and explain the advantage of the
> various other variants of Grid engine out there
> (Univa's open core, Oracle Grid Engine, Open Grid Scheduler, the Love
> child variant or even using some linux distro
> which includes an SGE variant)?
> William
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