[gridengine users] SQL spooling

Chi Chan chichan.gridengine at yahoo.com.tw
Fri Sep 9 18:51:09 UTC 2011

It is good that Ron Chen said that there is new features (IPV6, GPU integration) -- but any forks working on SQL spooling?

We don't need GPU integration now (with AMD bulldozer shipping soon, the need for a seperate GPU for handling GPGPU type of workload may be even less), and our clusters will not be migrated to IPV6 any time soon.

However, SQL spooling is really useful, and I can query the job DB and find out what is there. In 2003 the code was in the source tree, but I looked at the SGE forks yesterday and found that the code is gone.

So what has happened to SQL spooling, and any one planning to get it back to life?


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