[gridengine users] Which Grid Engine?

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Wed Sep 14 13:42:58 UTC 2011


On 09/14/2011 01:24 AM, Kevin.Buckley at ecs.vuw.ac.nz wrote:
>> On Fri, 9 Sep 2011, Mark Dixon wrote:
>> Me again :)
>> Thanks for all the responses: it was all interesting stuff, hopefully
>> for more than just me (I suspect that I was not alone in wondering
>> what was going on!)
> have just caught up on this whole thread and found it most enjoyable
> except for the slight acrimony around claims of compatability.
> However, leaving the acrimony aside, it's the acronyms that get me
> confused these days.
> Choosing Sun of Grid Engine for something replacing Sun Grid Engine
> was, whilst funny, always going to be confusing, though it did save
> changing the environmental variables names I guess, but what do we
> actually have now. These five inbreeding cousins,
> SGE  Sun Grid Engine
> OGE  Oracle Grid Engine
> UGE  Univa Grid Engine
> OGS  Open Grid Scheduler
> SGE  Son of Grid Engine
> all spring to mind. Any more?
> Is Univa's open version of its Grid Engine known by one: oUGE ?
> Did Dave Love consider Dave's Queuing Scheduler for his Son of
> Grid Engine code base? Probably not, DQS having long been taken.
> Maybe there's even a SOC (Son of CODINE) out there somewhere ?
> Why not just start from scratch with the New Queuing Scheduler?
> Really, that too? Oh sod it!
> What say we just follow the example of the Japanese motor-cyle
> industry, where they settled on assigning combinations of letters
> to the various manufacturers of their common vehicle (no pun
> intended) in advance, so that, if you see ZZ?, you pretty much
> know that it's a Kawaskai, whilst any combnation brought to you
> by the the letters "V", "F" and "R" (and the numbers 125, 250,
> 400, ...) is going to be a Honda, and so on.
> I guess that would only work within countries though, as witnessed
> by Suzuki and BMW both being in the Grid Scheduler (GS) arena.
> It'd be nice to sort this out though, after all, no-one on this
> list is likely to want to use, say, the letters, P, B and S, or
> L, S and F, now are they?

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