[gridengine users] Problems with nice / renice

Txema Heredia Genestar txema.heredia at upf.edu
Tue Sep 20 12:30:32 UTC 2011

  Hi all,

I have some very important jobs running in my cluster (SGE 6.1u4) that 
are taking too much time. I wanted to check why they were taking so long 
and I have found out they where running in the node with a nice value of 
19 (the lowest). I have tried to renice them but nothing happened. The 
most I have seen is when I reniced them while using "top", then I saw 
the priority modified ( for instance, to -10) for a second, and the next 
second the priority went back to 19. The only thing I have been able to 
renice is the sge_shepherd process.

Is SGE preventing my renice in some way? Is it a known issue?

Thanks in advance,


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