[gridengine users] Kicking off servers via Grid Engine

Earl Lazarus earl.lazarus at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 16:56:47 UTC 2012

Our environment is a linux cluster with 4 CPUs per machine.  We are
changing the architecture of a Monte Carlo simulation that we routinely run
via Grid Engine.  In the new paradigm, each instance will need to
communicate via sockets with an "Environment Server" running on the host
where the sim executes.  We need to kick off these environment servers
prior to submitting the simulation jobs.  These servers are basically
inactive unless queried by one of the sims.  We also want to allow the
environment servers to run possibly for days or weeks at a time as they are
low impact.

However, what I really want to do is kick off an environment server on a
host and not have it count against the "slot count" for that host.  There
will be instances where I might need 4 different environment servers
running on each host.  Unfortunately that would occupy all of my slots and
NONE of my simulations would ever run!!

I have seen the concept of "Parallel Environments" in the SGE User Manual,
but the explanation is pretty much worthless.

Bottom line...I need to pre-position some executables on each host without
consuming slots.   Note that I tried to kick them off in a script of the

sppe &

but Grid Engine monitors jobs placed in the background and kills them!

The possibility of avoiding Grid Engine entirely and kicking them off with
rsh/ssh is something we want to avoid.

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