[gridengine users] Grid Engine or Grid Scheduler?

Rayson Ho rayson at scalablelogic.com
Tue Apr 24 17:59:29 UTC 2012

The project name is Open Grid Scheduler. And originally our only focus
was the official opensource fork of Grid Engine, and thus the software
is also named Open Grid Scheduler.

However, we found that we needed to expand to other areas, and thus
late last year we started to call the version of Grid Engine released
by us "Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine" (I know it is a bit long -
much like GNU/Linux to emphasis that Linux is "part of" the GNU

We are working with other projects that use Open Grid Scheduler/Grid
Engine as the core. To be relevant in the Cloud Computing world, we
work with open source projects that provisions Open Grid
Scheduler/Grid Engine clusters on Amazon EC2. We are also beta users
of the HP Cloud. Further, we are working with companies that offer
proprietary version of the tools (so stay tuned!). We hope to get some
of the technologies into Open Grid Scheduler.

We will push this "Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine" name to the
downstream projects - in Grid Engine 2011.11, we only use the old BSD
license for 1 feature (the CUDA load sensor). We plan to license more
of our code under the old BSD license so that people know what
features in Grid Engine are developed by the Open Grid Scheduler

And to others: don't worry, we will add an exemption such that if you
are not pulling code out from Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine, and put
it in another project (ie. if you use Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine
as a whole), then you don't need to attribute us at all!!


On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 1:27 PM, Joseph Farran <jfarran at uci.edu> wrote:
> Hi Grid folks.
> As per my earlier post, I am a newbie to OGE, but not to schedulers in
> general.
> To keep things clear, what is the official name for this software?    It is
> Open Grid Engine (OGE), or
> Open Grid Scheduler (OGS)?
> I downloaded the tar ball executable and when I run "./start_gui_installer",
> it opens up with a SUN Microsystem Banner.
> I realize that the software is a by-product of the old Sun Grid Engine, but
> since this software branch is now officially on
> it's own with a new name (Grid Engine) can the banner be removed or fixed
> with the correct name?
> From a new user point of view, all these different names for the same
> software product is confusing and having one
> concrete name will go a long way in keeping things straight.
> What say you?
> P.S.   Great community support by the way - amazing how helpful folks are
> here.
> Joseph
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