[gridengine users] Collecting of scheduler job information is turned off

Rayson Ho rayrayson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 19:10:23 UTC 2012

This time it is performance reasons... in fact I was at a site that
was experiencing performance issues & the qmaster was using more
memory than they ever like (their qmaster has many services running on
the machine). So they also turned scheduler info off (the default was
on at that time - and yes, they were perfectly fine with running a
very old version of Grid Engine).

To turn it back on, set schedd_job_info to TRUE:



On Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 3:02 PM, Joseph Farran <jfarran at uci.edu> wrote:
> Me again :-)
> The Queue access list by Linux groups ( /etc/group ) is working perfectly!
> I submitted a test job to the bio queue from an account that has bio group
> ownership and the job runs.    When I submitt a test job to the bio queue
> from an account that does *not* belong to the bio linux group, the job does
> *not* start - as it should not.
> All works exactly as it should, however, for the job that does not start,
> when I try getting information as to why the job is not running expecting
> something like you are not authorized to run this queue (the bio queue), it
> does not say anything.
> Doing "qstat -j" on the not running job says (at the bottom):
>    (Collecting of scheduler job information is turned off)
> I Google this error and it is not straight forward what I need to turn on
> for job scheduler information.    Is this why OGE does not give any
> meaningful information as to why the job is not running?
> Here is the output of qstat:
> $ qstat -j 63
> ==============================================================
> job_number:                 63
> exec_file:                  job_scripts/63
> submission_time:            Fri Jun  8 11:45:02 2012
> owner:                      test
> uid:                        509
> group:                      users
> gid:                        100
> sge_o_home:                 /data/users/test
> sge_o_log_name:             test
> sge_o_path: <long path removed>
> sge_o_shell:                /bin/bash
> sge_o_workdir:              /data/users/test/oge
> sge_o_host:                 hpc
> account:                    sge
> cwd:                        /data/users/test/oge
> mail_list:                  test at login-1-1.local
> notify:                     FALSE
> job_name:                   Test
> jobshare:                   0
> hard_queue_list:            bio
> shell_list:                 NONE:/bin/bash
> env_list:
> script_file:                job.sh
> scheduling info:            (Collecting of scheduler job information is
> turned off)
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