[gridengine users] PE Job Suspend / Resume

Joseph Farran jfarran at uci.edu
Wed Jun 13 00:10:38 UTC 2012

Well, for our needs, we *REALLY* need Parallel Job suspension.    It's not even a choice for us.

If Torque/Maui can do it, I am sure OGE can do it without issues.

Can someone please tell me what patch I need to install to un-break / turn-on Parallel job suspension?

If you guys are that paranoid about PE suspension, how about adding an on/off flag for this since the code is already there and let the admin pick?


On 06/12/2012 06:52 AM, Dave Love wrote:
> "Joseph A. Farran"<jfarran at uci.edu>  writes:
>> If you guys are taking requests, *please* add suspension and ignore old Sun recommendation.
> Support for suspension exists, it's just broken (per the issue Reuti
> pointed to).  The use of | is clearly wrong, but the other bit isn't
> clear.  It's one of the available patches I wanted to understand before
> applying (and had forgotten about).  Can anyone cast more light on it?

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