[gridengine users] 8 slot PE Job only suspends 1 slot and not 8 slots

Joseph Farran jfarran at uci.edu
Fri Jun 22 03:17:34 UTC 2012


I am playing with subordinate queues.   I have defined "owner" queue and "free" queue.

The owner queue has:

# qconf -sq owner | grep subordinate
subordinate_list      slots=8(free:0:sr)

If I submit a 1-core job to owner queue, OGE suspends 1 core (slot) job from free queue.   If I submit another 1 core job to owner queue, OGE suspend another 1 core job from free queue and so on.    All is well.

Now, if I submit a parallel job that uses 8 cores, OGE will still suspend 1 core job and not 8 1-core jobs, so the node is now over subscribed.    What is the trick in telling OGE to suspend 8 slots if an 8 slot job is submitted?


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