[gridengine users] State of jobs

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Jun 25 11:59:27 UTC 2012

Valerio Luccio <valerio.luccio at nyu.edu> writes:

> Quite simply I have a script that updates a PHP page where my users
> can check their jobs without having to log in (most of them would not
> know how to do it anyway). I currently have this working on a cluster
> that uses PBS. Wth PBS "qstat -f -1 <job number>" will give you info
> similar to "qstat -j <job number>" in SGE, but it includes the current
> state, which is missing (kind of) in the SGE output. I was surprised
> since in SGE the output for all the jobs includes the state.

Rather late, but have you seen PHPQstat (referenced from

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