[gridengine users] Slot-wise preemption help

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Jun 29 10:39:21 UTC 2012

Am 29.06.2012 um 01:03 schrieb Ray Spence:

> I've configured two queues (high.q, low.q) with one queue (seemingly) 
> subordinate to the other. I apparently don't have this config understood. 
> Here is my cluster profile: 4 nodes, each has 32 cores, for a total of 128 slots. 
> I have told each queue (qconf -mq <queue>) to see 32 slots per host,
> .....
> rerun                 FALSE
> slots                 32
> tmpdir                /tmp
> ...

Yes, it's the number of slots per queue instance, i.e. per exechost in this particular queue.

> is this correct? Should this be "slots   128" ? Then I have told high.q
> to be priority,
> subordinate_list      slots=1(low.q:0:sr)
> that is, low.q is subordinate to high.q (above is from qconf -sq high.q).
> I have tried this with 
> subordinate_list      slots=32(low.q:0:sr)

This would allow to use 32 slots at once which is the intended setup.

> but neither seems to work. I say this because I currently have all slots occupied
> by low.q jobs with several hundred low.q jobs waiting, yet when I submit one job to
> high.q with either of the configs above it waits indefinitely, or at least it's now been
> 15min..There is plenty of memory available on each of my nodes. Am I expecting 
> something wrong here? What have I misconfigured?

Did you limit the number of slots pr exechost too? This limit needs to be removed.

-- Reuti

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