[gridengine users] setting up a fast queue that slotwise preempts a slow queue

Robert Hutton robert.hutton at well.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 9 17:34:08 UTC 2012

Hi All,

We currently have a functioning grid engine cluster with six 24-core
machines.  We currently have it set up with three consumable resources:

- h_rt
- h_vmem
- virtual_free

I've encouraged users to not think about which queue to schedule their
jobs in, but instead specify the three consumable resources and have the
scheduler determine the best queue.

Currently, there is only one queue that all jobs get scheduled in,
called longrun.q.  But this means that very short jobs sometimes have to
wait for very long jobs to finish before they can get any slots in that
queue.  What I'd like to do is have a second queue, shortrun.q, in which
any short jobs get run, with slotwise preemption set up so that they can
quickly run and then let the longer jobs continue.

I set up this very thing, with a h_rt limit of 2 hours on the
shortrun.q, but it had unexpected consequences when there were no long
running jobs filling longrun.q and a user submitted a lot of very
short-running jobs: longrun.q and shortrun.q both immediately filled
with short jobs, with the jobs in longrun.q immediately preempted by
those in shortrun.q.

I suppose my question is: is there any way to prevent the short running
jobs from entering longrun.q, or do I have to tell my users to use "-q
shortrun.q" when they want to schedule jobs with h_rt less than two hours?



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