[gridengine users] New to OGE. Installation questions

Arnauito Tocame el Pito listsarnau at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 14:01:36 UTC 2012

HI all,

first of all let met apologize about the empty mail I've sent. I hit
enter by mistake.
My name is Arnau Bria and I'd like to start using OGE.
I've seen the doc and seems that installation must be done by
compiling the software. So my first question here, is there any rpm
availbale? For RH 6.x?

If not, anyone has installed the vesrion in RH 6.x using
I've found http://bioteam.net/2012/01/building-open-grid-scheduler-on-centos-rhel-6-2/
and seems that installation is more diffcut as described in the
offical doc and that makes me think that the install is not going to
work so smooth.


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