[gridengine users] stopping all jobs on a cluster queue at 0100 everyday.

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sat Nov 3 19:52:59 UTC 2012


Am 03.11.2012 um 15:55 schrieb Oren Mustaki:

> Is there a way to stop all jobs  ( usually qrsh ) on a cluster queue at a certain clock time rather then cpu time.
> for example all jobs on shell.q will be deleted at 0100.
> it can be done using bash or other scripting but i want to know if it can be done using SGE builtin features .

in principle: yes. This would need the setup of a calendar in SGE to suspend the queue at a certain time, and a redefined suspend-method in the queue could then kill the jobs instead of suspending them. As long as "max_reservations" in SGE configuration is set to 0, this will work,

But: jobs will either use the default run-time from the SGE configuration or the one requested at submission time. And as a result, the job won't start if SGE detects that they won't finish before the suspension in case you need max_reservation being set to some value different from 0 to take place.

-- Reuti

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