[gridengine users] disaster recovery of grid engine setup..

Paul Simpson paul at realisestudio.com
Mon Nov 5 12:07:43 UTC 2012

hi grid gurus,

i've had a bad w/end where the disk which stored the db filled up.  the
grid came down and i couldn't fix the db using db_recover -c - which meant
no grid engine (6.2u5).

we need to get the system back up asap (like yesterday).  so, we've
installed a fresh version which is coming up.  however, we've got a load of
complex's, host groups, share-trees, parallel envs, etc. etc. that i can't
seem to recover from the old system.

i've looked through all the old dirs - but can't find any text files.  can
anyone suggest how this config information could possibly be recovered?
typically, this has happened a day before a huge deadline - so time is not
on our side.

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