[gridengine users] a question on slotwise preemption

Petar Penchev penchevpetar at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 15:45:00 UTC 2012

Hi to all,

i have a question about slotwise preemption on OGE. I have set up a small
cluster with 2 queues: high.q and low.q and they share 2 host in the host
group @8_CORES.
The low.q is configured subordinate to the high.q queue with this line:

subordinate_list      NONE,[@8_CORES=slots=8(low.q:0:sr)]

Until here everything is working as it should be. When i start a job on the
high.q is suspends running jobs on low.q. Nothing extraordinary here.
So let assume that all the slots on high.q are occupied. If i start a job
on low.q the job is submitted, starts and immediately goes in suspend mode.

Is there a possibility to keep the jobs submitted to the low.q in qw state
until a slot is free in the high.q. In other words when a slot in high.q
queue is occupied, the corresponding slot in low.q is suspended or

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