[gridengine users] adding a network to gridengine master

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Nov 28 23:39:18 UTC 2012

Simon Hood <simon.hood at manchester.ac.uk> writes:

> thanks for the questions/replies.  /tmp/sge_messages and SGE_ROOT/default/spool/qmaster/messages
> contained only that appended below --- nothing which gives me a clue.  

I'm surprised there's no diagnostic from a comms failure.  I'll note an

> But having left the problem for at 16:00, gone out for several beers
> and returned now, 22:00, the solution suddenly shouts at me.

As I didn't get a personal tutorial yesterday, could you contribute a
Howto on the technique, assuming compatible wetware is widely
downloadable?  (Is the "nice cup of tea" one obsolete in these difficult

Community Grid Engine:  http://arc.liv.ac.uk/SGE/

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