[gridengine users] SoGE 8.1.0: requested 2 configurations, got 3

Wagner, Justin jwagner at ciena.com
Fri Oct 5 15:18:08 UTC 2012

After removing the JSV option from sge_request the same message displays.
After removing the queue option from sge_request the same message displays.

When we upgraded to 8.1.0 from 6.2u4 we actually changed hosts running as qmaster and moved the installation directory (which is network mounted and all hosts see it), so it wasn't necessarily an "upgrade" per se, we just modified which installation directory variable were sourced on a per host basis when we switched them from the old grid (6.2u4) to the new one (8.1.0) which caused them to launch to the new qmaster.  So I don't think you would consider that a "live upgrade".

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"Wagner, Justin" <jwagner at ciena.com> writes:

> Since we have started using SoGE 8.1.0, we have been noticing a new line of output anytime we launch a job to the grid:
>   > qrsh -noshell date
>   requested 2 configurations, got 3     <---- Did not show up with SGE 6.2u4
>   Wed Oct  3 11:10:47 PDT 2012
> Our sge_request file contains the following:
>   -j y
>   -cwd
>   -V
>   -m eas
>   -q lt_sim
>   -now no
>   -o /dev/null
>   -jsv /tools/logicteam/scripts/logic_team_license_jsv.pl
> Does anybody know where this is coming from?

Yes (from the message catalogues), but not why.  It suggests that information in the qmaster is scrambled somehow, but I'm not sure how it might occur.  Does the same thing happen without the JSV?  If not, what does the JSV do?  Also, I doubt it's relevant, but why specify a queue?

How did you upgrade from 6.2u4?  I'm not sure whether you can go directly from anything older than 6.2u5 on a live system reliably.

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